I have worked with animals since I was 18 years old, I do rescue work, TNR of feral cats, every aspect of animal welfare. I have always documented my work including photos of animals with every case I worked on. I have never had any formal schooling or training for my photography, it has just always been inside of me waiting to blossom.

With my many years of basic photography, my fiancé thought I had a knack with photography and suggested I show some of my work. I was involved with showing my photography to local art venues. I won 2 awards at the Hudson Artists of NJ shows held at the Bayonne Public Library, but I was not passionate about it.

Ever since I was a baby my family has always had dogs and cats in our home. In July of 2018, at the age of 59, my dog passed away. For the first time in my life, I was dogless. I was devastated, lost, had no direction and could not find myself. My fiancé suggested I pick up a paintbrush and paint my emotions on canvas. I thought his suggestion was crazy. He gave me a canvas and a feather and acrylic pant. He guided me through the process and I created a beautiful piece in honor of my beautiful dog Daphne.

Since then I have been painting abstract and my version of realism. My tools, besides paintbrushes are: paper towels, plastic wrap, plastic fork, feather, hair pic, sponges, my hands and my fingernails.

I am also involved with the Art Circle of Bayonne and curate 2 shows/exhibits a year with a group of approximately 50 to 60 artists in our historic Bayonne Community Museum.

I have had the pleasure of showing my work in several local venues: the Ferdez Gallery,Bee’s Art Studio, the Jewish Community Center, the Bayonne Community Museum and the Cathedral Arts Festival as well as Avanti Art Gallery in Bloomfield. Last year I participated in a Beautify Bayonne grant program through the city of Bayonne and have my photos wrapped on a utility box on Broadway.