Mark McKinney is an artist, dealer, and curator whose creative pursuits began with making his own comic books and sports cards as a kid. A childhood visit to the Walker Art Center found Mark completely transfixed by Chuck Close’s “Big Self Portrait (1967-68),” and the idea that something that looked like a huge photograph could indeed be a painting sparked an interest in fine art.

Mark majored in art history and took studio art classes at Drew University, and after graduation, began working at Pace/MacGill Gallery in New York. An opportunity to meet Chuck Close and make studio visits via gallery business seemed to have brought the introduction and immersion into fine art full circle.

Mark worked at Pace MacGill for 5 years, and then went on to work for Pace Editions for the following 5 years. It was during this time that Mark moved to a one bedroom apartment on Stanton Street on the Lower East Side, and as he was moving in, he realized his bed would not fit in the small bedroom! While initially frustrating, it sparked an idea: if he couldn’t have his bed in the bedroom, maybe he’d have an art gallery in there instead! The seeds were planted for Tredomus, a view-by-appointment art gallery which staged several trial-run exhibitions and events, followed by a season of five formal exhibitions. The next year involved a move to a work-live storefront in the East Village where McKinney Arts was the next iteration of Mark’s desire to be an artist/dealer.

Becoming a parent, moving to the suburbs, and a career change to web design forced McKinney Arts to be put on the shelf, but Mark continued to make paintings and show his work at various pop-up shows, and has been showing and selling work through CNP Treasures in West Orange for the past several years.

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