Painting is meditation, play, and expressive journaling, which allow a series of moments to be captured. The intention of the paintings is to allow the process of their execution speak as loudly as any subject matter that the viewer may resonate with. I hope to convey a sense of truth so that the viewers can make their own personal connections.
The images reveal themselves as layers of paint, fabric, and manipulated papers are added and removed from the canvas. It is a direct and instinctive process where decisions are made individually as the piece evolves. Reductive methods such as sanding and scratching create a quality of aging, which play off of some of the up- cycled materials used in the paintings and frames.    The hand made frames are intended to be bridges between the imaginary world of the painting and our physical world.    They extend the images in the paintings and interpret them into our reality. The concepts for the frames are revealed as complete designs rather than the instinctive stroke-by-stroke intuitive process of the paintings.
A high altitude perspective informs the work as themes such as the environment, spirituality and manmade structures appear in the paintings. Circular forms reveal themselves as planets, blossoms and energetic impulses.    A mystical world outside our own physical reality influences the process and content of the paintings.    The subject matter of the work repeats itself as well as evolves over time based on my current life experience.