Lynne St Clare Foster is a New York City-based visual artist, currently living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She graduated with an MFA from The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in the Illustration program focusing on “Illustration as Visual Essay”. It was there she became entranced with storytelling in sequence, discovering that one picture does not necessarily speak 1000 words.

On the side, she plays in the field of street photography. Her photography has been included in one woman and group exhibitions including, Art and Protest at The Malcolm X Shabazz Center and The Digital Salon Arthouse New York. She is a professor at Pratt Institute and The City College of New York and sits on the board of directors of The Society of Illustrators where she founded the Societies’ Tuesday Jazz Sketch night.

Clients have included Cincinnati Magazine, Delaware Today Magazine, Congregations, Mainline Today, The Indypendent, The Museum of Natural History, and The Red Betty Theatre. Her work was included in Artists Against the War, a publication of poems and images depicting illustrator’s views on war. A variety of Galleries have included her work in one woman and group exhibitions. This includes her last one-woman show “Oxygen” for the Women’s History Month at the Greenberg Town Hall in Greenberg NY, “The Heroes Show” at Arthouse New York. Group shows have included “The Mermaid Show” at The Williamsburg Cultural Center, Ben Shaun Galleries, and The Gallery of South Orange. Other shows include “The Fragile Earth Show” at The Society of Illustrators, “The Nude Show” at The Temple, and “Artists Against the War” at The Society of Illustrators in New York City.

“My work is focused on the portrait as a symbol, and uses the art of the interview as the inspiration for powerful storytelling.” The concept of the portrait as the psychological symbol presents an opportunity for the viewer to enter upon an intimate relationship with each image and to strip away the many layers of concealment, thus exposing the process of how relationships transform. The beauty of portraiture is in the reveal. Transparency both symbolically and physically offers the lens for that reveal.

Through investigation combined with surface building, Lynne attempts to translate raw emotion onto the visual image and is inspired by an ongoing attempt to define an aesthetic through the use of many traditions, and is a marriage of approaches, executed partially through collage and brought to conclusion by blending paint with digital media. Creating imagery with the computer, which does not look cold, or dry, is a difficult task. The aim is to blend the aesthetic of paint with the power of alternative media. Lynne’s use of xerography as a print making tool makes it possible to manipulate a drawing without sacrificing the original. Her work informs, enlightens, amuses, entertains and even disturbs.

When not in her studio you can find Lynne eating Laksa while sketching in Kuala Lumpur, traveling the world, or at home in New York drawing at The Society of Illustrators.