My creations are an extension of the senses, in a simple, clear, and profound way, without beginning or end, that do not pretend but to offer delight, joy, and emotion through the simplicity of colors, shapes and, textures, as perfect and imperfect as life itself…
From a young age I felt an inclination for the arts, embroidery, weaving, clay work, drawing and painting, always with vagabond spirit, and conscious that of the mistakes you learn, but that if you can avoid them and educate yourself even better, that each day is a new beginning. I firmly believe that in imperfections have some beauty in it, that my conscience is my best guide and companion, that in simple, and insignificant things sometimes you find great surprises!
I born in Chile, and moved to Jersey in 1990, felt in love with the Hudson River and New York landscape.
I have my studio at home where I work daily freelance and commissions, also work in 2 craft markets in downtown Jersey City, (AMM and Le Grand Baazar) where I have the opportunity to have direct contact with people and love it!, and I have been part of many art exhibitions through the city.
Happy and satisfied to be able to find the right person and home for my creations, and through them be able to connect and bring happiness on special occasions, as well at any time to all of my clients.

Thanks for the support and trust!