Laurie Berenhaus is an American interdisciplinary artist and third-generation immigrant of Ashkenazic descent, based in Jersey City, NJ. She has a BFA in Sculpture from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA).

Berenhaus’ work has been exhibited internationally at film festivals, museums, and art galleries, at venues including The Museum of the Moving Image (NYC), The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada), the historic Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, Plaxall Gallery (NYC), and Dixon Place (NYC). Her work has been covered by VICE and The Washington Post.


Working in sculpture, puppetry, and animation, I explore themes around the body in flux. Memory, myth, and the absurd are my core ingredients. Constantly experimenting, I remix traditional techniques with emerging digital technology, seeking new and strains of expression. In my recent figurative work, the acrobatic gestures and distorted proportions are manifestations of a body in flux and elicit both humorous and uncanny positions. By analyzing the human form and mental condition; and how they move through space, I search for the tipping point of when we are forced to confront ourselves and recalibrate to survive. This creates a point of exploration into the ebb and flow of expansion and contraction, convergence and divergence.