Jingyi Wang is a realistic artist who was born and raised in China.She graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts  in 2013, with a BFA degree in painting. She earned her MFA degree from New York Academy of Art in 2016. Jingyi has had a solo exhibitions at Amerasia Bank gallery in NY this year.She was selected for an artist residency at the Terra Foundation of American Art in  Giverny, France.Then she was invited to participate 2nd Annual Plein-Air Invitational by New York Botanical Garden.Her works has been widely exhibited at Art New York

2017,Sotheby’s New York,The Metropolitan Pavilion, Flux Factory,Art lines Gallery,Portraits,Inc and Cloud Gallery.Her works was published in ArtMaze Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine,reported in China press newspaper,Sing Tao daily newspaper, world journal and interview by Sinovision English Channel.


During my painting time, over half of my time was spent on landscape painting.Observation and perception is the inspiration source of my artistic creation, which helps me keep improving myself. I drew a lot of landscapes and ancient cities all of the world.I combine rigorous observation and illusionistic rendering with the possibilities of open-ended interpretations.When I got a artist residency in Giverny, France.The plants blooming and withering allowed me to have a deep thought, plant looks more vulnerable than humans but they live without fear. I would like to express this concept through botany.I have recently painted a series of cactus. This series is a result of my search for ways of bringing traditional painting into contemporary art. I use the cactus to compare life. I thought that these cacti have their own sense of character,while this kind of image is relatively strong and sensible to everyone.Such a plant depicts a spirit that people can resonate to.In the struggle of our society comes to a struggle in nature.