Jean-Antoine Norbert is a portrait painter doing oil on canvas, drawings, and watercolor. His background is rather unique: he was a physician M.D. before discovering that art was truly what drives him. He went to Italy 25 years ago to study the old masters and portraiture. Though for Jean-Antoine, art should be connected to people and what is going in the world now. So he came to NYC 6 years ago to do a Master’s Degree in Fine Art at the NYAA. After earning his degree, he worked for one year in the photorealistic portrait painting industry in NYC with Artist Ygal Ozeri. With the pandemic, Jean-Antoine Norbert pivoted quickly to teach portraiture on a Zoom call every Saturday at noon or painting the Portrait Commission on Zoom. Jean-Antoine painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that is on permanent display at the British Consulate in Manhattan. His work has been sold three times in the charity auction at Sotheby’s, NY: “Take home a nude”. He had solo exhibitions at Dacia Gallery, M. Landolt in New York, and Claire de Villaret in Paris. He is part of private collections in New York, Malaysia, and Switzerland. One of his commission work is in the collection of a well-known collector of modern art in Monaco, France, among paintings by Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol. He received the David Schafer’s portrait scholarship and was a copyist at the Prado
Museum in Madrid. He is now settled in metro-NYC as a professional artist.


I like to use symbolic images to talk about my struggles or more generally those of society. Joy and the fear of the Unknown I and IX, are paintings that are talking about taking the leap when an opportunity occurs. So often, I doubt myself when a challenging opportunity occurs, especially when I want to go to the next chapter in my life. Because of fear, I put myself into waiting mode and I miss the opportunity! These paintings remind me that yes, it is scary! Seeing the courage of those divers helps me to connect to my courage and just do it! Euphoria and Suffering I &II, oil on canvas, 83”x81” is talking about the id and the expression of my desires. And how I struggle in the expression of them. Most of the time I perceive the expression of my desire to someone as aggressive, which is mostly a Fantasma! Though it is the cause of a lot of distress. Allowing myself to feel what I want and going for it, is a relief. The painting talks about my Joy, hopefully, express the beauty of women and nature!