I have been creating artwork for as long as I can remember and am particularly drawn to portraiture and figurative art. During the past 10 years or so I have been painting oil portraits as part of specific series: “Aging in America”, consisting of 25 portraits of individuals between 90 104; “A Life in Transition,” 12 portraits of two transgender individuals as they transition over a period of three years, and other subject matter. All of the portraits are accompanied by interviews I conduct with the sitter. I also enjoy printmaking and have completed a series of etchings and monoprints of primates along with some nonrepresentational prints.

I have had several solo exhibits of my work, many in university/college galleries. In addition I have taught in a variety of venues during the past 15 years, including teaching portrait classes at the Yard School/Montclair Museum of Art and teaching painting at the WAE Center, part of Jewish Services for the Developmentally Delayed.