Jake Miller has photographed people and places all over the world. He seeks to transcend the illusions that pervade human perception so that we can begin to reframe contentious historical models of thinking and reimagine boundaries differently than our structures have defined them.

He is interested in the way in which human, biological and planetary systems become more complex over time, reflecting an evolution of mind through form.His work is an attempt to map these forms with a visceral and direct visual lexicon rooted in an immediate human experience of understanding rather than a culturally bound phonetic language, burdened by structurally implicit assumptions.

He hopes that expanding language itself will catalyze others to use their own primary experience to override the relativity of culturally generated models of reality that constrain people and separate them from each other and the world.

Miller is a graduate of Fordham University’s Art and Architecture Program and has studied Photography at ICP in New York City.


website : www.jakemillerphotography.com

Mail : sledbus@gmail.com