Every noise or musical sound I hear has a color, shape, texture, and exists in my mental landscape. I see patterns from the sounds emanating from everything 24/7: the refrigerator, the car engine, or the minimalist electronic music I prefer. As a “synesthete,” I live in a liminal space between sound and vision.

This collection of work represents the patterns I “see in sound/music, or also in my experience with grammar. It is hand-sewn and embroidered fabric art, made in silk and linen with elements of shiny metallic floss and thread. The tactility, structure, and sheen of the fabric and thread form an integral part of how I engage with the creative process. The touch of rough and smooth textures, the brightness of silks, the matte finish of linens, and the sparkle of metallic threads all reflect my synesthesia while satisfying my other senses as I work.

My hope is that my work allows the viewer to share the energy and joy I experience as I listen to music or sound.

Brightly colored shapes have inspired me since I began drawing in abstract forms after my first encounter as a ten-year-old with the art of Alexander Calder. Over time, I taught myself techniques for working with fabric and thread, and in the last few years, I have merged my drawings with my passions for textiles, abstraction, and, most significantly, music. My recent art created in fabric is the result of this process of translation and transformation.