My career began with the study of Fine Art and Art Education at JCSC in 1970.  Upon completion of my Master’s Degree, I began teaching Art in the Bayonne School District while creating and producing my own original artwork.   My early works were based in Commercial Art and Design.

For the last two decades, I have focused on Photo Art and Digital Photography. I currently exhibit my work in juried shows and participate in local, national and international competitions enjoying much success. I have received numerous awards for my efforts.

As a photographer, my never-ending quest for unique and original abstract images always leads me to random patterns of texture, shapes, lines and color found on walls and other surfaces.  Once they have captured my eye, I begin my photographic journey. Stimulated by what I have discovered, I feel an insatiable urge to turn the image or a portion of it into a work of art in its own right.

My love of artistic composition and design has an overwhelming effect on how I choose my subject matter and what becomes of it after capture.  I may labor for hours or discard an image immediately if it is not to my satisfaction.

The abstract images in my portfolio are diverse.  The majority of them are created from natural occurrences, such as rust, decomposition, erosion, scaling and flaking paint on surfaces.  Others are created by the hand of man.  Nevertheless, each image bears its own identity and has its own beauty and appeal.   It is those images that excite me the most…the accidental, randomness of the elements of art amassed on a visible surface…the obvious “unidentifiable” subject matter which holds the viewer’s interest and piques his curiosity.