As a North Bergen, New Jersey resident, my artworks are small mixed media assemblage pieces using many found objects and are highly visionary in nature.  The materials used are often discarded hardware and recycled objects.  My Devil, Revelation XII and Sacrifice sculptures are small colorful sculptures made of driftwood, shells, toothpicks, feathers, beads, wire, paint and other materials.  Spiritual God depicts the progression of humanity in sculpture form.

As a former resident of the East Village in  New York City,  I have shown my artwork in galleries and other venues in New York City over the years. Recently my works have been inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement and I seek to incorporate artworks related to the Occupy Wall Street movement into my artwork and exhibits whenever possible. I weaves my tales from castoffs found in the streets and there is no seperation between my daily life and my creative outpouring.  I love the arts in whatever medium it may be; music, theater, dance etc; and I believe in religion, mysticism and the secret meaning of the unknown and art as a universal means of communication.  I am  happy to have discovered New Jersey artists collectives as a way to continue my artistic creativity in the state of New Jersey.  Long Live The Lower East Side.