ProArtsJC Artists Cook(book) & Exhibition 2019

From PB&J sandwiches to elegant cuisine, we all eat. Preparing food is sensual from purchasing ingredients, filling a kitchen with pleasing aromas, rolling up our sleeves to dice, slice, knead, stir, mix & pour, to the creation of (hopefully) an attractive presentation of a tasty and satisfying dish. Food preparation occurs several times a day, sometimes quickly involving a microwave (or less) and sometimes it’s a culinary event! Preparing food can conjure memories. It can be a messy undertaking. It can be part of our cultural identity. It can be an integral part of family and festive rituals or preparing food can be something we throw together just to keep going until it’s time to eat again.

This year ProArts will be putting together a cookbook/art book. The coffee table style book will be presented as a functional cookbook, a catalog of ProArts members works, and fundraiser for our organization. Participating artists will have a written piece (recipe) with their visual interpretation of the food (or experience making it). We will launch the book at our November Members’ Party and the original artwork will be exhibited at Jersey City, City Hall Rotunda Gallery in December.

Curated by Dorie Dahlberg, Maryann Ficker, & Pablo Chavarria (designer)

Deadline for submission has passed.

Submission is FREE for Pro Arts members
Commission: City Hall does not charge commission. Submission is in two parts; Images and Written document:
1. On a one Word document:
Statement: With 200 characters or less, describe how the recipe came your way. Is it representative of your culture? A favorite found recipe? Something your grandmother made? Is there a memory attached to it? Ex: When I was little, my mother & I made Kooky Cookies on rainy Saturdays. We called them Kooky due to their kid-made aesthetic. They were delicious but we always made a mess.Cleaning up was not my favorite part of Kooky Cookie making. (That was 190 characters.)
Recipe: Can be written creatively as long as it can be followed as a recipe. It can continue the story begun in the statement or be a straight-up recipe. Prose, poetry, whatever!
2. Image: The accompanying artwork should be horizontal horizontal or vertical complementing the recipe. It can represent the actual finished dish, the activity/experience of making the dish, eating it, the mess that’s left behind…or just the overall experience of it. The artwork should be representative of artists’ styles/media; abstract, realistic, etc. This is your interpretation of your dish/experience.
Media: All media. For the book, sculptural pieces can be photos or drawings of the piece; something that can be hung at City Hall in December.
Number of images: Maximum 3 jpg images*
File requirements:
Size: 72dpi, maximum 1200px on the widest side
Image File Names: Name files as follows: Lastname_Firstname “Title”_RecipeName_Medium_size.jpg
Example: Mouse_Mickey_”WhatAMess”_PB&J_Oil on Canvas_30x40”.jpg
Statement/Recipe Word Doc or PDF: Name the document LastName_FirstName _RecipeName Example:
On a single page provide:
1) Name, phone number, website, Facebook, Instagram handle
2) A brief bio
3) The statement and the recipe as described above. Please note: The statement and recipe must fit on one page. Try to make it as brief as possible but be creative!
4) A contents list of your submissions in the following format in the email:
Artist Name
Medium & Dimension Price or NFS
ex: Mickey Mouse “Peanut Butter & Jelly”
Oil on Canvas 30×40” $400.00
Submission Emails (CC all):,,
Subject Line: “Cookbook” YourLastName”
* Upon selection, artwork for the book will need to be submitted at higher resolution for printing. We will contact you with specifications.

For the Cookbook Exhibition:
ProArts is not able to provide insurance.
Please Note : All pieces should be wired for hanging. ProArts has the right to refuse work wired improperly orcharge a $10 fee.
Please contact Dorie Dahlberg with any questions.