Salons 2019

Pro Arts Salons 2019 is back by popular demand!

This year’s participants have self-selected a Salon according to a genre-thematic approach to group assignments. Participants are in multidisciplinary groups, as in 2018, but with genre as the common denominator rather than location.

Artists are meeting monthly with their group for a total of 8 months. During these meetings they share work and ideas, meet with their curator-advisor, and prepare for a group show that will highlight their growth as a group.

The 2019 Salons Groups are as follows:

• The Commentators: These artists concentrate on Socio-Political ideas. Through their work they aim to bring attention to current issues & events.

• The Realists: These artists focus on realistic portrayals of cityscapes, landscapes, architecture, industry, still life, figures, etc.

• The Abstractionists: These artists present an alternate perspective through abstracted, surreal or non-objective works.

• The Globalists: These artists present works concentrating on their own cultural roots or works focusing on diversity, locally, nationally or globally.

• The Story Tellers: These artists are those working with single narrative compositions, series or video/film/sequential works. This could include performance art as long as physical work is left behind in the gallery.

Pro Arts would like to thank this year’s organizers, Pro Arts members Brad Terhune and Dorie Dahlberg.

Your hard and thoughtful work putting this together is greatly appreciated by all!