Pro Arts @Art Fair 14c 2020

February 21-23,2020 

Hyatt Regency
2 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ


About the exhibition:
Pro Arts is excited to be participating in the 2nd annual international Art Fair 14c. For the event, galleries and artists from all over the world will gather in a hotel setting to present world class art. This is a juried event and Pro Arts is proud to have been selected to occupy one of only 52 rooms awarded.


The five Pro Arts members who are representing Pro Arts at the fair were chosen through a juried process by curators Cheryl and Christopher Mack, from The Bridge Art Gallery in Bayonne, NJ.

Congratulations to artists:

Santiago Cohen
Pasquale Cuppari
Diane English
Maryann Ficker
Donna Greenberg

18 other Pro Arts members have been selected by the Art Fair 14c jurors to participate in the fair. The competition was fierce this year with 1000’s of applicants  vying for only 52 rooms and 70 slots in the 14c juried show. Room assignments where given to individuals and groups from all over the world. The Juried show represents artists from New Jersey. Participation in 14c speaks volumes about the quality of work these artists are producing and we are proud to have so many of our members chosen for the honor.

Pro Arts members who received a room assignment:

RM # 815 Pam Cooper
RM #817 Tim Daly
RM #855 Allan Gorman
RM #822 Megan Klim
RM # 860 Loura van der Meule
RM # 831 Jim Pustorino
RM # 844 Trix Rosen
RM #843 Theda Sandiford
RM # 831 Ann Trauben
RM # 862 & 864 Gail Winbury
Rm # 874 Pro Arts
Santiago Cohen
Pasquale Cuppari
Diane English
Maryann Ficker
Donna Greenberg

Pro Arts members in the 14c Juried show:

Lisa Collodoro
Tim Daly
Michael Endy
Edward Fausty
Allan Gorman
Cheryl Gross
Lisa Ficarelli Halpern
Loura van der Meule
Theda Sandiford
Danielle Scott
Joel Simpson
Bryant Small

Special thanks to Robinson Holloway, owner of the Village West Gallery in Jersey City, and the brain behind Art Fair 14c. Thank you for organizing this fabulous event and for keeping it affordable. Pro Arts appreciates all the work you do for the artists in Jersey City and beyond. Your continued support of Pro Arts is invaluable.

We hope that all of our members will come out and support this event and our participating artists.


Friday February 21, 2020
VIP and press access                                 5pm-9pm
VIP reception

Saturday February 22, 2020
VIP access                                                11am-8pm
Public access                                            12pm-8pm

Sunday February 23, 2020
VIP access                                                11am-7pm
Public access                                           12pm-7pm

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