Rajendra Mehta

Above all, I am fascinated by the flexibility and adaptability of the human mind and form. Over the years, this fascination attracted me to yoga and meditation; and for me, painting is a form of meditation. When I paint, I am in “Samadhi”, which Hindus believe is the state when a person is so focused that he is completely unaware of his surroundings and even himself. 

In my past, I studied geology, worked as geologist, and later started my own business. I did not have formal education in art, but rather learned to paint from friends that are professional artists. I was awarded an Academy Award in India for my painting during my student years. After my education, I traveled extensively and have since lived in India, Africa, and the USA. As such, my paintings reflect experiences in life and various cultures. 

I paint in oil, water and acrylic, and most of my oil paintings are completed using only a knife

  • spring-24x30-inches-acrylic-on-canvas
  • rajendra-mehta-winter-acrylic-on-canvas-36x36x1-5-inches
  • rajendra-mehta-autumn-acrylic-on-canvas-36x48x1-5-inches
  • rajendra-mehta-summer-acrylic-on-canvas-36-x48x1-5-inches
  • spring-acrylic-on-canvas-36x48x-75-inches
  • rajendra-mehta-winter-acrylic-on-canvas-36x48x-75-inches