Pasquale Cuppari

My work comes from within my experience, my feelings, and my dreams.

I use color and texture to create a poetic response to my environment.

Working horizontally, i flood the canvas with transparent layers filled with iridescent metallic bits , dried paint chunks, sparkle and glitter, which are intended to create a feeling of celebration, and a sense of celestial light.

  • pasquale-cuppari_utopia-bracciaperti_-36x48_oil-enamel-2017
  • pasquale-cuppari_fine-destate-_-48x60_oil-enamel-2011
  • 9-pasquale-cuppari_nel-mio-cuore_-48x60_-oil-enamel-2011jpg
  • pasquale-cuppari-_colpo-di-stella-_jpg-30x40_-oil-enamel-2015
  • pasquale-cuppari-_franamore_-30x40_-oil-enamel-2017
  • pasquale-cuppari-_lagrime-rosse-_-36x48_-oil-enamel-2017