Pamela Ella

Pamela R. Ella was born in the Philippines on March 23, 1975. She migrated to the United States at the age of 15 in 1991 and became a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2000- present. Started painting in 2012, self-taught artist. Artworks are oil and acrylic on canvas with bold colors of abstract to life-like personal impression. In 2013, she formed Cool Artz LLC as her first business and pursued further education in business receiving bachelor degree in business administration in February 2015.

  • green-eyes-20-in-x-16-in-mixed-medium-on-canvas-01-15-2013-2
  • house-20-in-x-16-in-oil-on-canvas-01-24-2013
  • the-watchers-series-1-24-in-x-18-in-acrylic-on-canvas-07-09-2013
  • the-watchers-series-2-24-in-x-18-in-acrylic-on-canvas-08-15-2013
  • over-me-20-in-x-16-in-mixed-medium-on-canvas-12-25-2012
  • boy-20-in-x-20-in-acrylic-on-canvas-06-20-2013