“SOL OMNIBUS LUCET.” This is my personal mantra. The sun truly shines on everyone.

My works are all result of challenges brought upon myself, anyone or anything. It all started when I see something appealing to my eye turning them into my desires and becoming obsessed until I have achieved beyond my own expectations. In life, challenges never end and either they make us or break us, but no matter what choice we make, the sun shines for everyone. I have turned my sad unworthy feelings into creative actions by writing and publishing a poetry book, “Words from the Heart”, a diary turned into poetry in 2010. By 2012 and with much encouragement from an artist, I was teaching myself how to paint. From then on, I have challenged myself to doing things and painting subject matters that my mind initially says I cannot do or paint. I do this because the sun shines on me too. Truly as the sun shines and if you let it shine on you, people will see more of you.

I mostly enjoy painting oil on canvas. I find it fascinating to find illusionary images in some of my paintings. Some of my works are acrylic and mixed mediums painted on variety of materials from wood, canvas, cloth, ceramics and more. I think nature is a wonderful thing and so the natures I’ve never seen, I have pictured them in my mind and painted them.