Megan Klim

Megan Klim is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in the discipline of painting. Often, Klim’s work is layered with thin glazes of paint or shellac. The ground on which she works is usually wax or things embedded in wax on which she then draws with pen and ink. Her mixed media work juxtaposes several materials on one picture plane which reference the idea of an internal/external as well as structure vs.gesture. A physical presence is apparent in Klim’s work with the worked surfaces of her drawings and the linear mark making either with thread or by an unsteady ink rendering. Klim’s work speaks to the outside forces that define our personal identities as well as the inner struggles to understand and to overcome them. Through her use of pattern , she reflects upon human individuality while also offering a tactile visual experience with her materials. It is her hope that through the tangible an ethereal space is experienced and felt instead of just seen. Klim has exhibited in NYC, NJ, MI, PA, FL and has received numerous awards. Her mixed media pieces have been seen at ART BASEL, Miami as well as in several museums.

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  • 05-megan-klim_fog_charcoal-pencil-ink-on-paper_50in-x-44in_2008
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  • gesture-vs-structure
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