Loura van der Meule

The work shown here is from the portfolio “Zeeuws”, which means from Zeeland, a province in the southwest of the Netherlands, where I grew up. Up until a few generations ago Zeeland was made up of islands and because people were isolated by water, each island developed its own style of costume. My grandmother belonged to one of the last generations of women dressed in a traditional costume.

Loura  is a native from the Netherlands and lives and works in Jersey City.

She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts ”Sint Joost” in Breda and the School for Design and Décor in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Artist Statement 

I was born and raised in a region in the Netherlands where women once were dressed in traditional costumes.The unique shapes of their lace caps, and the patterns and textures of their fabrics, inspired me to make this series of oil pastel drawings.

Oil pastel and acrylic on paper are my favorite materials because this technique allows me to scratch and scrape into the surface, to create the patterns and textures I am looking for.

  • loura_vandermeule_janna_oil-pastel-and-acrylic-on-paper_30x44
  • loura_vandermeule_maatje_oil-pastel-and-acrylic-on-paper_30x44
  • loura_vandermeule_geertje_oil-pastel-and-acrylic-on-paper_30_x44_
  • loura_vandermeule_kornelia_oil-pastel-and-acrylic-on-paper_34x48
  • loura_vandermeule_zoetje_oil-pastel-and-acrylic-on-paper_30x44
  • loura_vandermeule_woman-with-golden-apron-buckle_oil-pastel-on-paper_51_x55_