Juliet Martin

You will see me when you see my work.

I weave my reality into sculptures. Blending the traditional with the experimental helps explore weaving as both craft and fine art, and sculpture adds funny, ironic complexity. Sculpture has no rules. You can go right by going wrong.

My sculptures and tapestries apply the Japanese philosophy of SAORI. With its Zen mindset, SAORI encourages freeform work—no patterns, no rules, no mistakes. Every sculpture is an improvisation in awkward beauty: clumpy fabric, fighting colors, rough and smooth textures, ragged edges.

Weavers’ creations are our children. We can’t let them go, let alone cut them up, but I know the best thing for them is tough love. Fellow weavers shriek when I threaten my work. Scissors, staples, glue! Razors and tape! Action!

  • eyes_brick02
  • eyes_burntsienna
  • eyes_gray
  • eyes_limegreen
  • eyes_mustard
  • eyes_silver02