Christy O’Connor is a New Jersey based artist, living in Monmouth County. She has been focusing on her art practice for about four years. O’Connor works in a variety of mediums, including, painting, mixed media, assemblage, and sculpture.
Her work focuses on various themes,including feminism and gender, society and politics, and psychological dystopias.
She is an alumnus of the Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts. She also completed some of her undergraduate studies at New Jersey State University, concentrating in the area of photography. O’Connor took some time away from her practice upon her completion of school to focus on her career in education. After ten years in the field, she made the move back into the arts.
O’Connor has been involved in a large variety of group art exhibitions throughout the tri-state area. She has also worked in solo and collaborative installations, including Treacherous Women,(Atlantic Highlands, NJ), Automaton, (Trenton, NJ), and Dusklit, (Warwick, NY).
O’Connor works as an independent curator, and gallery liaison at BSB Gallery in Trenton, NJ.She has also volunteered her time with various arts organizations over the years, as she is a strong believer in bringing artists, the arts, and the community together.
To find out more about O’Connor and her work you can visit her website and social media handles.