Andrea McKenna

Andrea McKenna’s work is often described as haunting, possessing a dreamlike quality that merges figurative with atmosphere.They are ephemeral spirits of her imagination captured between worlds unknown.Using layers of various materials, surfaces are transformed into fields of textures and bleeding colors. Working with mostly acrylics and metallics, she uses burlap and canvases surfaces. She constructs her own mounts and frames out of reclaimed wood or rusted pipes, chains and wire.

Andrea began painting at an early age and became fascinated with creating an alternative world that was her very own. Her current style and technique developed from years of experimenting with different materials and “non traditional” is how she describes her methods. Instrumental music is one of her biggest influences. The personalities of her figures slowly develop and emerge through that connection.After dealing with a few major losses, the relevance of transcendence and the spirit world reveals itself more and more in her work. “It’s becoming more about the journey of who you are and were through all dimensions.”

After attending NYC’s School of Visual Arts in 1992, Andrea began exhibiting around the tristate area. In 1999, she moved to Jersey City and at the same time, started working as a Decorative Artist for a company in North Jersey and a few years later, formed her own business, Videre Decorative Arts: painted finishes for walls, ceilings and furniture.In 2013, she partnered with a professional artistic carpenter and with him, designed and created up cycled furniture and began doing large scale art installations.From March 2014 to September 2017, she Co founded, Co owned and operated “The Raven Gallery and Boutique” located in downtown Jersey City.In 2015, Andrea was asked do set design and has created several theater production sets for Art House Productions and St. Peter’s University, both in Jersey City.She is now the Curator for the art gallery at Art House Productions.

Andrea is currently represented by Broadfoot and Broadfoot – A collection of Fine Art located in Boonton, NJ

A native of Fort Lee, New Jersey, Andrea moved to Jersey City in 1999 where she currently resides with her husband.

  • mckennaandrea__filtering-whispers__acrylic-on-limestone-plaster-on-burlap_20_x40__2018
  • mckenna-a___featured_poppies__acrylic-on-burlap_40_x108__2017
  • mckennaandrea__same-deep-water-as-you__acrylic-on-limestone-plaster-on-burlap_17_x60__2017_low-res05
  • mckennaandrea__taken__acrylic-on-limestone-plaster-on-burlap_36_x94__2018
  • mckennaandrea_flock-of-souls-2_acrylic-on-limestone-plaster-on-burlap_15_x18__2018
  • mckennaandrea__passing-through__60_x60__acrylic-on-limestone-plaster-on-burlap_2017_lowres