India In frames is a union between photographs and stories. The fine art photographs are by Natty Singh and narration by Amita Ambwani. Natty has been photographing the far and beyond corners of the subcontinent for a decade. What developed as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion for fine art and quest for capturing inspiring, unique and rare visuals.

Photographs from India In frames from the section of ‘Deep into the sea’ have been featured in Serendipity art Festival in Goa 2017. Over the years many photographs have been featured on National Geographic, Lonely planet and the Condenast Magazine. India In frames’ constant endeavor is to capture fading cultures, arts, changing landscapes, tribes and traditions through fine art photography.

The soul of India In frames is the idea that every movement, every visual and every location is a frame.That frame has is unique, has a soul and has a story !